vineri, 9 octombrie 2009

Lost.damaged.taken away

Cold-dark-corner of the room
sitting here, is so not like in the afternoon,
smoking your cigarette with your closer mate next to you
of course having your damn precious beer in front of you
and complaining about the sunshine
spreading in your eyes,
saying that it's killing you?

If that's whats killing you love,
then could you imagine whats killing me?
What does this thing,
really mean?

I can't believe I've been left behind
or was my love for you too unkind?
I've lost a lot and i might have gained it back
but i can bet on the fact
that what was once for real
will never come back.

We had the chance to build up things again
but you decided throwing it away,
not caring anymore
and never really looked back again.
You let me do the whole thing by myelf,
but what is love walking on the street by one person,
by it's fucking,

You let me walk on that breakable thread on my own
so if it comes to falling
the one who shall fall is no one else but myself.
You're scared of falling
because you couldn't accept
that you can also suffer in what we had inbetween us
but unfortunately,
you made it end.

Throw away excuses 'cause they don't help
express your thoughts and what you feel,
at least; what you once felt.

Cause now it's gone from your point of view
and you perfectly know
but it's like you still want something
thats why i guess,
you keep comming back.

You make me bruise so easily,
it's untrue
I wish i could wash you away for the simple fact
that you make me burst in pain
let me bleed
and hurt me by the thought
that you don't care,
you don't give a damn anymore
and yeah,
it's a sick game my love
i know.

And i think you should leave
and leave me resembled in my akward pain,
for someone
who has never been here,
it ain't hard leaving
thats like,
some kinda' bloody rule.

I try to keep a sinister smile
and a hold of my heart
and taking a deep breath,
giving myself the impression
that at least
half the things you said and offered,
were things you really meant.

You got to the point
were you wanted to knock out,
you ended this chapter without a doubt.

And i bet you say,
it's not what you do
but i say that it's
what you put across.

So live your own life
and go ahead on the path you've chosen,
cause there is nothing left for me,
that could be spoken.

Here is what you wanted to hear and see,
you've really got me there love,
deeply as you can see
i hope that for once,
i reached to the top and made you for one single second,
joyful and happy
as i never wanted to be the only one,
being overjoyed,

I could still say this remains incomplete,
but you know what they say..
things can go to an infinite point
but they don't last for
eternal ,

7 comentarii:

  1. Don't feed your anger with words, feed your words with anger till there's none left, big difference. Tare imi e teama ca atunci cand ai scris "smoking your cigarette with your closer mate next to you" tu erai singurul prieten de langa tine.

  2. prin lucrui asemanatoare am trecut si eu, seamana cu povestea mea...oarecum
    frumos scris :)

  3. incerc sa scriu si eu cate ceva in engleza.dar nu-mi ies asa bine.

  4. hei.
    eu sunt pioneza de pe hi5 =)).
    da-mi accept.

  5. 'that you don't care,
    you don't give a damn anymore
    and yeah,
    it's a sick game my love
    i know.'
    genial hei @-)