joi, 8 octombrie 2009

One mind, one soul.

You are half of me as a half a candy is in a lil' childs mouth melting
shared with it's closest soul, it's momma.
We might think similar
but never the same.
That's what makes us different and we are here,
to make the difference.
As in me, giving you daily support and love.
As in you,
letting me not know,
but feel that your love is sincere.
As in us,
sticking up for each other and sharing everything.
All the good things and bad things
as in darkness and brightness.
come to me.
When you're down,
lean on me.
I pray,
pray everyday.
Pray for myself having the power to give you strenght
and to never let you down.
So please,
never let me down either.
It's not a threat,
it's only me being usually weak.
Being cowardly scared of losing you,
one day.
Me, fainted-hearted
thinking that all there will be left from the chapter "You 'n me",
will be just a simple colorless memory.
But this time, we'll wash away pesimism
and standup being optimistic.
We'll cheer up and dry our damp eyes,
as the high tide could take us away
staying together till the rest of everyday.
You are my rainbow after the rain
and yes,
together with you
I want to remain.
Share our thoughts,
to be one mind
Express ourselves,
to understand
Extend to each other what we really are,
everything that lies inside
all this m' dear,
to be one single soul.

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