joi, 8 octombrie 2009

I'll pray to you.

It fell so delicatly, right beneath my nose
i thought it would be just like the others
slowly melt into water that would escape me
But this snowflake for a breif second landed on my skin
and it did not melt
it did not change
it helped me

It was a sign from god
who was making his last retreat
who was i could tell was about ready to give up
and in 3 years I'd die; bittersweet

So one could say,
this snowflake saved my life, mind, and soal
from hells flames and burns
This snowflake gave me realization

My snowflake fell unto my lap
It fell so sweetly like a grazing dear
perfection, that you didn't need a microscope to see
I had been wondering and wondering
but now i was finally sure

Because this snowflake fell into my world.

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