luni, 2 noiembrie 2009

Ode to the Enemy's Defeat of the past.

The first sign of spring is the melting snow slowly sinking into the grass
I can recall a muscular aroma that reminds me that nature is renewing
The lightening sky begins to change its contrasts
The enemy will be imprisoned for 9 months until its next return

Frozen lakes await the sun so they may begin brewing
That sweet water that is home to the trout, and guppies
A symphony of birds will all soon be in sync
They sing for their eggs hatching to beauty

They sing for their homecoming from the south or from hiding
The sun visits the raccoons and the squirrels bringing tenderness to all
The enemy will soon be gone with warmth at battle
The sidewalks free of ice like a deer of bitter temperatures

Searching for survival becomes easier with each ray of sunlight
Although the children will miss the sled rides and heated drinks
They will rejoice for the colds ruthless winter bite
I will always cheer when I smell that harsh winter fear

The fear of the enemy’s war strategies gone to waste
The fear of heats accomplishments
The fear of the climates nibble on freezing temperatures
The fear of its own, thrashing defeat
Spring had come, and winter had passed
The day i rue, yeah well
that day we met
was also a spring day that i god damn somehow,

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