joi, 8 octombrie 2009


I'm still trying to find out lord
You're heavens have soared through all of my life
but please don't on this day take it all
I know I'm yet to blow out those 16 candles but.
I run out of words; don't you see?
I need more time to grow
I am but only fifteen.
I have so much to say and it's all gripped inside me
I'm sorry I let it loose on her
my fire burned her eyes and pierced her soul
I'm sorry
raising this one freak here, wow, must have been cold.
Now can't you see i'm learning
you're teaching me
I'll never send her my verbal fire, my heat
or at least i'll try
All i want is a chance and that chance you give me
I will use with...
fuckin' caution.

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