joi, 8 octombrie 2009

Life raised me well.

Life takes time to get used to ,
a lot of time and sometimes too much.
People die and the deceased bring tears and crys
but sometimes life, is like a moist towel
unless but at the same time you'de never know the difference.
Life tricks you; Everyday
With it's purpose of you learning from mistakes
With it's surprises from gravity and realization
I blame you life
you're the issue
you're my dilemma
you're my bitter taste.
But sometimes life, you are rich
you stop me from irritating
and you're texture makes me fly
like when you hold your head high,
raise your glass to the sky, smile
and give thanks to me
when you appreciate me
I appreciate you
and that bitter taste turns to sweet.
So thank you dear life
for your support and for the crack of your whip
You put me in line.

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