joi, 8 octombrie 2009

The Redhead.

Open the door
to enter into a room, anyroom,
but wait.
Can't you see this color represents an important thing
in the life of us all?
At least in my personal life
it has represented a lot
gave me realization
and bloomed advantages which only i could see.
Feeling the heat of my bright red hair,
the charming glow
situated right on the top of my head,
oh yes.
Amongst the glow of the fair haired blonde,
amongst the mysterious deep darkness of the brunette.
Still, it is she who captivates all who gaze upon her beauty
she who had walked in that room, on that day.
That evening,
no one could have broken the desperate longing
to look at her
just once more.
In fact
so stunning is she
that the pounding heart skips a beat whenever she is around.
Looking out toward her stareing crowd,
her eyes
full of fire, are hypnotic
almost spell-like
her expression,
of a strong personality.
As she floats throughout the room,
all those guys hold their breath of hopes
of containing their relentless desire
for this phenomenom
among all others.
She is a description of unwavering passion
fire and ice
capable of driving guys into lustfull insanity
and those other chicks standing out there
into undiscovered realms
of jealousy.
She is,
the Redhead.

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